Unidentified Stamp

Unidentified Stamp
Crest: An eagle's head couped
Dimensions (height x width): 17mm x 20mm
Heraldic Charges: eagle's head
Fairbairn’s Crests gives a host of names for which the stamp suggests a possible owner (Plate 83/1): Andlaw; Armory; Banks; Baxter; Bruce; Challenge; Dallender; Davie; Delawar; Divie; Divvie; Dobell; Dykes; Elfe; Elingham; Elphe; Golofer; Golston; Gorrey; Gorrie; Graham; Greenwell; Haffenden; Hammond; Keene; Kynn; Locke; M’Leod; Murray; Ouchton; Peple; Rawlinson; Redhead; Richards; Roberts; Rollaston; Rosher; Ross; St Clair; Sideserf; Smithers; Sydserf; Syme; Vaulx; Vaus; Wall; Westhorpe; Whishawe; Weston; Westropp; Wright.