Unidentified Stamp

Unidentified Stamp
Crest: A lion’s head erased collared and ringed
Dimensions (height x width): 18mm x 15mm
Heraldic Charges: lion's head
Fairbairn’s Crests gives the following names for this crest: Allerton; Archbold or Archebold of Staffordshire; Auchterlony; Barr or Barry; Betenson, Bettenson or Betterson of Kent; Bettinson of Seven Oaks in Kent; Bettison of Warwickshire; Burr; Craig; Danncey and Dauncey of Herefordshire; Dansey of Easton Court, Herefordshire; De Placetes; Dunk; Glynn of Ireland, Gowans of Scotland; Gregory of Ireland: Gunthorpe of Norfolk; Home of Scotland; Hume of Crossrigs in Scotland; Huninges of Cheshire and of Carsam in Suffolk; Hunt of Scotland: Egleton-Kent Baronet of Suffolk; Lobb; Merrington; Penrose of Ireland and Barkshire; Pentland of Ireland; Peters; Placetis; Posynworth; Repley; Rokwood; Skottow of London; Starling; Veldon of Rafin County Meath in Ireland; Wallace; and Yorks. The illustration in Fairbairn shows the collar without a ring. The entries in the list have been edited by comparison with the entries in the alphabetical section of the book. Extra detail has been added and those which differ in detail from the stamp have been deleted. Of these only Veldon of Rafin County Meath in Ireland is described as ringed. Unfortunately this is not very helpful as there is a vagueness about some of the entries: in a number of cases it is not stated whether the lion’s head was couped or erased. Until further evidence emerges this crest will remain unidentified. It is of course possible that the two stamps represent different provenances.