Unidentified Stamp

From the sinister a dexter cubit arm vested [gauntlet] holding a dagger (or broken sword) in pale point upwards impaling a chevron ermine
Dimensions (height x width): 49mm x 60mm
Impalement: a chevron ermine
Heraldic Charges: armchevrondagger
Dexter: Papworth: gules a dexter hand couped fessways holding a broken spear in pale: Gibb or Gibe. Fairbairn’s Crests, plate 223/10: Lee of London. Sinister: Papworth: Chevron ermines: Baynard; Berkeley; Boxall [Boxell]; Gistelle; Gonneys; Gwys; Kirkby; Kirkley; Ladbroke; Lidderdale; Lodebroke [Ludbrook]; Souce [Souche]; Wallis; Wolley; Williams; Wymanson; Wysse.