Book of Common Prayer. 1687

TitleBook of Common Prayer. 1687
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsChurch of England
Harley, Henrietta Cavendish Holles, Countess of Oxford and Mortimer  (1693 - 1755) (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly 1 & 4. A bend cotised (Harley) 2 & 3. Two lions passant (Brampton) impaling on an escutcheon of pretence Quarterly 1. Ermine two piles issuant from the corners of the chief (Holles) 2. A saltire on a chief three cinquefoils (Hardwicke) 3. A fess between three crescents (Ogle) 4. Three stags heads caboshed (Cavendish) Supporters Dexter An angel and Sinister A lion rampant gardant ducally crowned Coronet of a Countess Motto VIRTUTE ET FIDE
Heraldic Charges: 
bend cotisedchief on acinquefoils (3)crescents (3)fess betweenlions passant (2)piles (2)saltirestags heads caboshed (3)