Sources by Binders

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C. Hering, No. 10 St. Martin Street, London

Abbott, G. & A. (Nottingham)

Adams Bindery

Adams, James (Dublin)

Adams, Katherine (Broadway)

Aitken, F. and T. (London)

Aitken, T. (London)

Armstrong, Thomas (London)

Atkinson, John (York)

Bailey, R., & Co. (Wotton-under-Edge)

Bain, Alexander William (London)

Bain, William, & Co. (Forres)

Baker & Son (Clifton)

Basset, C.A.

Bateman (London)

Bateman, John

Bates, David (Hexham)

Batten (Clapham, London)

Baumgarten, John (London)


Bedford, Francis (London)