The Book of Common Prayer

TitleThe Book of Common Prayer
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1662
AuthorsChurch of England,
LibraryCambridge University Library
BindingBound in red goatskin by Samuel Mearne with stamp 6 in gold on the covers and 32 on the panels of the spine
Call NumberSyn.1.66.1
Arms Quarterly 1 &4. France and England quarterly 2. Scotland 3. Ireland Crest On an imperial crown (a strawberry leaf? in the centre of the circlet) a lion statant gardant imperially crowned Supporters A lion gardant imperially crowned and a unicorn ducally gorged chained and ringed Helmet of a sovereign Order The Garter Motto DIEV • ET • MON • DROIT
Possibilities for Identification: 
<p>Also used by James I stamp 1a, and Charles I stamp 19</p>