The Book of Common Prayer

TitleThe Book of Common Prayer
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1828
AuthorsChurch of England,
LibraryWestminster Abbey
BindingBound in blue silk with stamp 2 in gold on both covers
Call NumberCH2
Arms Quarterly 1 & 4. England 2. Scotland 3. Ireland on an escutcheon of pretence tierced in pairle reversed: 1. Two lions passant gardant in pale (Brunswick) 2. Semy of hearts a lion rampant (Luneberg) 3. A horse courant (Westphalia) overall on an escutcheon the crown of Charlemagne (Badge of the High Treasurer of the Empire) the whole surmounted of an imperial crown Crest On an imperial crown a lion passant gardant crowned Supporters A lion rampant gardant imperially crowned and a unicorn ducally gorged and chained Helmet of a sovereign Order The Garter Motto DIEU ET MON...
Possibilities for Identification: 
<p>also used by George IV</p>