Choix de chansons mises en musique

TitleChoix de chansons mises en musique
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1773
Authorsmusique, Cde chanson
LibraryRoyal Library Windsor Castle
Other CitationHolmes no. 69
BindingBound in red goatskin with the stamp (85 x 67 mm) in gold on the covers
Call Number1081245
Arms Two coats side by side 1. Quarterly 1 & 4. France and England quarterly 2. Scotland 3. Ireland 2. Quarterly of nine 1,2 & 9. An eagle displayed 3. A griffin segreant sinister 4 . A griffin segreant 5. A river? 6 & 7. A Pomeranian griffin (griffin with a fish tail) 8. A cross floriated Crown An imperial crown