Imagini con la spositione de I dei degli antichi

TitleImagini con la spositione de I dei degli antichi
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1603
AuthorsCartari, V
LibraryBritish Library
BindingBound in vellum with stamp 2 in gold on both covers
Call NumberC.69.d.4
Anne of Denmark (1574 - 1619) (Stamp 2)
Arms A cross on a cross (Denmark and Norway) between in dexter canton Semy of hearts three lions passant gardant (Denmark) in sinister canton A lion rampant crowned holding a battleaxe (Norway) in dexter base Three open crowns (Sweden) in sinister base Nine hearts four, three and two in chief a lion passant gardant (Gothes) in base A wyvern tail nowed (The Vandals) on an escutcheon of pretence Quarterly 1. Two lions passant gardant (Schleswig) 2. An escutcheon having a nail fixed to each of its angles (Holstein) 3. A swan (Stormer) 4. A knight in armour on a horse brandishing a sword...