Opera quæ exstant [ed. I. Lipsius].

TitleOpera quæ exstant [ed. I. Lipsius].
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1613
AuthorsRibera, ATostada
Number of Volumes2
LibrarySt George's Chapel Windsor Castle
BindingBound in calf with stamp 2 in gold flanked by the initials W H on the covers
Call NumberT179
Arms Quarterly of fourteen 1. On a pile between six fleurs de lys three lions of England (Seymour augmentation of honour) 2. Two wings conjoined in lure tips downwards (Seymour) 3. Vair (Beauchamp of Hache) 4. On a chief a label (Vivonne) 5. Three escallops (Malet) 6. Per pale a lion rampant (Marshall) 7. Three chevrons (Clare) 8. Three lions passant (O'Brien) 9. Three garbs (MacMurrough) 10. Three bars dancetty (unidentified) 11. Three demi lions (Sturmy) 12. Barry of six ermine and (unidentified) 13. Per bend three roses bendways (MacWilliams) 14. On a bend three leopards faces (Coker) ...
Heraldic Charges: