Heures paroissiales

TitleHeures paroissiales
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1726
Other CitationAder Picard Tajan sale in Monaco 13 May 1985 lot 108
BindingBound in goatskin with the stamp in gold
Arundell, John, 4th Baron Arundell of Trerice (1701 - 1768) (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly 1 & 4. Six swallows [arundels] close three two and one (Arundel) 2 & 3. Sable three chevrons argent (Trerice) Supporters Two panthers regardant spotted with fire issuing out of their mouths and ears Crest On a chapeau turned up ermine a swallow Helmet of a peer Coronet of a Baron Motto NULLI PRÆDA
Heraldic Charges: