Theatrum terræ sanctæ et biblicarum historiarum

Authorsvan Adrichem C
TitleTheatrum terræ sanctæ et biblicarum historiarum
Publication InformationCologne, 1613
LibraryQueens’ College Cambridge
Call NumberD.4.6
BindingBound in calf with stamp 1 in gold on both covers
Hastings, Henry, 5th Earl of Huntingdon  (1586 - 1643) (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly of twelve 1. A maunch (Hastings) 2. Per pale indented a chevron (Heytesbury) 3. A griffin segreant (Botereaux) 4. Three pales wavy (Molines) 5. Two bars in chief three roundels (Moels) 6. Per pale a saltire (Pole) 7. France and England quarterly a label of five points (Plantagenet) 8. A saltire a label of three points for difference (Nevill) 9. Three lozenges in fess (Montagu) 10. A fess between six cross crosslets (Beauchamp) 11. Quarterly in the first and fourth quarters a fret over all a bend (Despencer) 12. Three chevrons (Clare) Supporters Two lions gardant Coronet of an...
Heraldic Charges: 
bars (2)bendchevronchevrons (3)cross crosslets (6)fess betweenFrance and Englandfretgriffin segreantlozenges (3)maunchpales wavy (3)per pale indentedquarterlyroundels (3)saltire