De successionibus ab intestato

TitleDe successionibus ab intestato
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1474
AuthorsUbaldi, N degli
LibraryHoughton Library Harvard
BindingBound in vellum with the stamp in gold
Hepburn, James, 4th Earl of Bothwell  (1535 - 1578) (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly 1 & 4. A bend (Vaus of Dirleton) 2 & 3. On a chevron two lions rampant supporting a rose (Hepburn) Supporters Two lions gardant Crest A horse's head and neck couped bridled Helmet of a peer Coronet of an Earl Motto KIIP TREST Legend * IACOBVS HEPBVRN • COMES BOTHV :: DE HAILLES :: CRITHONE :: ET LIDDES :: ET MAGN • ADMIRAL • SCOTIÆ
Heraldic Charges: