Briefe and plaine declaration

TitleBriefe and plaine declaration
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1584
AuthorsFulke, W
LibraryBritish Library
BindingBound in calf with ties with stamp 2 in gold and the initials A S on either side and T S I below in gold
Call NumberC.46.a.8
Smythe, Alice (1531-1593)  (Stamp 2)
Arms Per pale a chevron between three lions passant gardant (Smythe) impaling Quarterly 1 & 4. A fess raguly between three boars heads couped (Judd) 2. Three lions rampant (Chiche) 3. On a chevron a mullet a crescent for difference (Mirfine) Crests 1. A leopard's head erased pellety collared chained and ringed (Smythe) 2. A boar's head couped at the neck holding in its mouth a branch of oak (Judd)
Heraldic Charges: