Pugnarum adversus hæreses

TitlePugnarum adversus hæreses
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1562
AuthorsAugustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo
LibraryRoyal Library Windsor Castle
BindingBound in calf with the stamp in gold
Smythe, Alice (1531-1593)   (Stamp 3)
Arms A chevron engrailed between three lions passant gardant (Smythe) impaling Quarterly 1 & 4. A fess raguly between three boars heads couped (Judd) 2. Three lions rampant (Chiche) 3. On a chevron a mullet a crescent for difference (Mirfine) Crests 1. A leopard's head erased pellety collared chained and ringed (Smythe) 2. A boar's head couped at the neck holding in its mouth a branch of oak (Judd)
Heraldic Charges: