De vitis Stephanorum

TitleDe vitis Stephanorum
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1683
AuthorsAlmeloveen, TJ ab
LibraryHenry E. Huntington Library
BindingBound in vellum with the stamp in gold on both covers
SignatureSignature on the front pastedown: “A.B. Beresford-Hope”; MS annotations throughout, possibly by the author
Unidentified Stamp
Crest A lion's head couped ducally crowned between two ostrich feathers. Initials J N J
Possibilities for Identification: 
It is assumed that the J of the initials stands for Johnson, but no further identification can be given at this stage. Crest matches that of the bookplate of R.A. Johnson [Franks 16561]. There is no J N J in Hazlitt’s Roll of honour. There is also nothing in Fairbairn’s Crests, nor in Papworth.
Heraldic Charges: