Bedford, Charles (1742 -1814)

Charles Bedford was the son of Grosvenor Bedford, and his wife Mary. He succeeded his father as Horace Walpole's deputy at the Exchequer in 1771, and was an acquaintance of Robert Southey who stayed in his house on several occasions. The library of Charles Bedford of Brixton Causeway was sold in London 11 March 1807 by Leigh and S. Sotheby, but his collection of works printed at Strawberry Hill was retained by his son Grosvenor Charles Bedford, who sold it I March 1861 through Christies. (Clements).

Seat / Residence(s): Brixton Causeway, London
Library Auction Details: Leigh and Sotheby, Christies (11 March 1807), (1 March 1861)
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Bedford, Charles (1742-1814)  (Stamp 1) Title: Bedford, Charles (1742 - 1814) (Stamp 1)
Crest: A demi lion ducally crowned holding between the forefeet a sphere
Dimensions (height x width): 25mm x 14mm
Monogram: C B
Heraldic Charges: lion, demi-, Heraldic Charges: sphere