Corpus Christi College Oxford N/A

Corpus Christi College, Oxford was founded in 1517 by Richard Foxe, Bishop of Winchester.
The arms of the College are usually tierced in pale 1. Foxe’s arms as above; 2. on an inescutcheon the Arms of the See of Winchester surmounted of a bishop’s mitre; 3. Sable a chevron between three owls on a chief argent three roses gules, the arms of Foxes’s great friend Hugh Oldham, Bishop of Exeter. Foxe intended Corpus to be a monastic institution but Oldham persuaded him to make it secular ‘What, my Lord, shall we build houses and provide livelihoods for a company of bussing monks [i.e. drones], whose end and fall we may live to see? No, no. It is more meet a great deal that we should have care to provide for the increase of learning, and for such as by their learning shall do good to the Church and the Commonwealth.’ Foxe let himself be convinced. The library, founded at the same time as the college, was regarded as one of the largest and best furnished in Europe.

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Corpus Christi College Oxford (Stamp 1) Title: Corpus Christi College Oxford (Stamp 1)
Arms: Two keys endorsed in bend sinister enfiled of a sword in bend
Order: Garter
Dimensions (height x width): 75mm x 47mm
Impalement: Azure a pelican in its piety
Heraldic Charges: keys (2), Heraldic Charges: pelican, Heraldic Charges: sword