Cunningham, Anna Cunningham, Marchioness of Hamilton -1647)

Lady Anna Cunningham was the fourth daughter of James Cunningham, 7th Earl of Glencairn, and his first wife, Margaret Campbell, daughter of Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy. She married, 30 January 1603, James 2nd Marquess of Hamilton who died in 1625. She survived him and was prominent on the side of the covenanters against Charles I, raising a troop of horse which she led herself armed with a dagger and a pistol. When her son, James Hamilton, 3rd Marquess, brought a fleet into the Forth on the King's behalf, in 1639, she threatened to shoot him if he landed, and had silver bullets cast for the purpose. Her will is dated 4 November 1644, and she died 16 September 1647.

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Cunningham, Anna Cunningham, Marchioness of Hamilton  (Stamp 1) Motto: Fork over
Crest: A unicorn's head erased
Arms: A shakefork
Coronet: Marchioness
Heraldic Charges: shakefork, Heraldic Charges: unicorn's head