Fairfax, Albert Kirby, 12th Baron Fairfax of Cameron (1870 -1939)

Albert Kirby Fairfax, a citizen of the United States, was the eldest son of John Contée, 11th Baron Fairfax (1830-1900), and Mary Brown, daughter of Colonel Edmund Kirby of the United States Army. Born 23 June 1870. He succeeded his father in 1900 and was confirmed in his title by the Committee of Privileges of the House of Lords in 1908. He was a member of the firm of Fairfax and Co. Ltd., of George Street, London, and a representative peer for Scotland from 1917. He married, 19 January 1922, Maud Wishart, daughter of James McKelvie of Duckyls Park, East Grinstead. They had two sons. Lord Fairfax who died 4 October 1939, and was succeeded by his elder son Thomas Brian McKelvie Fairfax, 13th Lord.

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Fairfax, Albert Kirby, 12th Baron Fairfax of Cameron (1870 - 1939) (Stamp 1) Motto: Fare fac
Crest: A lion statant gardant
Arms: Three bars gemelles overall a lion rampant
Heraldic Charges: bars gemelles (3), Heraldic Charges: lion rampant, Heraldic Charges: lion statant gardant