Hawkins, Thomas (1575 -1640)

The Hawkins family came into possession of Nash Court, Boughton-under-Blean in Kent, during the reign of Edward III (1327-1377) when Andrew Hawkins married the heiress Joan de Nash. The property remained in the hands of the Hawkins until 1800, when Thomas Hawkins died, the house being inherited by his daughters. The will of another Hawkins, John Hawkins of Nash Court, Kent, is dated 17 March 1777.
Burke in his General Armory suggests that origin of the arms is derived, most likely, from Hawkins’s expeditions in France in 1358, the saltire denoting a scaling ladder, and the fleurs-de-lis representing the standard of France.

Seat / Residence(s): Nash Court, Kent
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Hawkins, Thomas, Sir (1575-1640)  (Stamp 1) Title: Hawkins, Thomas (1575 - 1640) (Stamp 1)
Arms: On a saltire five fleurs-de-lys
Dimensions (height x width): 63mm x 51mm
Heraldic Charges: fleurs-de-lys (5), Heraldic Charges: saltire, on a