Hume, Hugh, 3rd Earl of Marchmont (1708 -1794)

Hugh Hume, a twin, was the third but eldest surviving son of Alexander Hume (or Campbell), 1st Earl of Marchmont, and Margaret, daughter and heir, of Sir George Campbell of Cessnock. Styled Lord Polwarth 1724 1740, he was Member of Parliament for Berwick 1734 1740, First Lord of Police 1747 1764, representative peer 1750 1784, Fellow of the Royal Society 1 February 1753, and Keeper of the Great Seal (Scotland) 1764 1794. He had literary tastes, was a friend of Bolingbroke and Chesterfield and acted as executor to Alexander Pope and the Duchess of Marlborough. He married, firstly, 1 May 1731, Anne, third daughter and coheir of Robert Western. She died 9 May 1747, and he married secondly, 30 January 1748, Elizabeth, daughter of William Crompton. He had no surviving male issue by either marriage, and left his collections of books and manuscripts to Sir George Rose, whose son Sir George Henry Rose published some of the papers in 1831. The library was sold at auction in London by R. H. Evans 12 May 1830.

Library Auction Details: R.H. Evans (13 May 1830)
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Hume, Hugh, 3rd Earl of Marchmont  (1708 - 1794) (Stamp 1) Title: Hume, Hugh, 3rd Earl of Marchmont (1708 - 1794) (Stamp 1)
Badge: An orange ensigned with an imperial crown
Dimensions (height x width): 14mm x 8mm
Heraldic Charges: crown, imperial, Heraldic Charges: orange