Kent, John (1706 -1773)

John Kent was the son of John Kent of Winterslow near Salisbury, by his marriage in 1736 to Charlotte, daughter of Thomas Viscount Windsor, and Charlotte, daughter and heir of Philip Earl of Pembroke. His bookplate has the arms Quarterly of twelve 1. Azure a lion passant gardant argent a chief ermine (Kent) 2. Gules on a saltire between twelve cross crosslets or a crescent for difference (Windsor) 3. Argent on a fess sable three cross crosslets or within a bordure azure (Hucksam of Devon) 4. Per pale azure and gules three lions rampant argent (Herbert, Earl of Pembroke) 5. A chevron between three garbs (Unidentified) 6. Argent a fess sable between three lions heads erased (Unidentified) 7. Per pale indented argent and azure (Hickman) 8. Or three bars nebuly sable (Blount) 9. Three fleurs de lys (Unidentified) 10. Ermine on a cross five roundels (St Aubyn) 11. Argent a cross botonny fitchy sable between four ermine spots (Unidentified) 12. A chevron between three mullets (Samburne).

Seat / Residence(s): Winterslow, Wiltshire
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Kent, John (1706-1773)  (Stamp 1) Title: Kent, John (1706 - 1773) (Stamp 1)
Arms: A lion passant gardant a chief ermine
Motto: Quo fata vocant
Supporters: Dexter A unicorn and Sinister A panther gardant collared
Dimensions (height x width): 30mm x 28mm
Heraldic Charges: chief, Heraldic Charges: lion passant gardant