Lucy, Henry N/A

Possibly Henry Lucy, born before 14 Mar 1584 in Wisborough Green, Sussex, the son of Richard Lucy (mother unknown). He married firstly Frances (Knight) Lucy on 24 Jun 1609 in Rudgwick, Sussex, and secondly Joane (Bridger) Lucy on 25 Jun 1617. His marriages produced five children. He died in 1623. Another Henry Lucy was baptised in Rudgwick on 7 April 1611, the son of Henry Lucy and Frances Knight. This Lucy was buried in Slinfold in December 1653.

Whoever he was, he was not one of the Lucys of Charlecote, Warwickshire who descended from Sir William de Charlecote who changed his name to Lucy, the same gentleman that Shakespeare apparently lampooned in the 1580s by mocking his name and suggesting his wife was unfaithful.
Another branch of the family is from Truro in Cornwall.
Yet another branch of the family was found at Lessness in Kent. It was here that Richard de Luci (1089-1179) was High Sheriff of Essex, and later Chief Justiciar of England (1154-1179.) He also founded "an abbey for Black canons, in honour of St. Mary and St. Thomas the Martyr in 1178."

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Lucy, Henry (Stamp 1) Title: Lucy, Henry (Stamp 1)
Arms: Semy of crosses patty three pikes [luces] hauriant
Dimensions (height x width): 57mm x 48mm
Heraldic Charges: crosses patty (semy), Heraldic Charges: luces (3)