Mannock N/A

Possibly the stamp of Mannock of Gifford’s Hall, Suffolk. Previous to the reign of Edward VI the estate of Gifford Hall belonged to the Giffords It was then purchased by Philip Mannock who until that time had lived in the neighbouring village as appears from the family pedigree. In 1789 William Comyns Esq. came into possession of the Gifford's Hall estate and thereupon took the name of Mannock. He died 1819 leaving no issue and the property devolved on Patrick Power Esq. (born 1789) who assumed the name of Mannock in 1830. The connection of Patrick Power with the Mannocks arises through marriage into the Strickland family. Nicholas Power an Irish officer who served under the Chevalier Charles Edward in consequence of whose final defeat he lost all his property in Ireland. He married Elizabeth Strickland of Catterick co. York, and was father of Patrick Power Esq. of co Waterford who married his cousin Elizabeth daughter of Nicholas White Esq. and Barbara Strickland and their only surviving son is the present Patrick Mannock Esq. of Gifford's Hall

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Mannock (Stamp 1) Title: Mannock (Stamp 1)
Arms: A cross flory
Dimensions (height x width): 92mm x 77mm
Heraldic Charges: cross flory