Sanderson, Thomas (1570 -1642)

Thomas Sanderson of Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, was the third but second surviving son of Robert Sanderson of Saxby in Lincolnshire, and Katherine, youngest daughter of Vincent Grantham Esq., of St Katherine's near Lincoln. Admitted to Lincoln's Inn in 1591, he together with his elder brother Nicholas, 1st Viscount Castleton, contributed towards the building of the Chapel. His will, proved in 1642, is curious by virtue of the mass of proverbial and other remarks in its preface. Duff attributes this and the stamp of Robert Sanderson to the family of Annesley. However Guillim, John. Display of heraldry. 1660, p.371 illustrates these arms with the note “This is the coat of the Right Honourable the Lord Sanderson, Viscount Castleton. Without the charges [the annulets] this is the coat of another family of this name, of which is that eminent divine, and excellent antiquary, Doctor Sanderson of the County of Lincoln.”

Seat / Residence(s): Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Sanderson, Thomas (1570-1642)  (Stamp 1) Title: Sanderson, Thomas (1570 - 1642) (Stamp 1)
Arms: Paly of six on a bend three annulets a crescent for difference
Dimensions (height x width): 68mm x 41mm
Heraldic Charges: annulets (3), Heraldic Charges: bend, on a, Heraldic Charges: paly (6)