Say N/A

Davenport claimed that this was the stamp of William Say (1604? 1666?), second son of William Say of Ickenham. This is clearly too late, moreover the arms of William Say of Ickenham were Per pale azure and gules three chevrons argent voided of the field. The arms may be those of several possible candidates: Bowden of Bowden in Cheshire, Quarterly sable and argent in dexter chief a lion passant gardant; Breton, the same arms; Say of Suffolk, Quarterly or and gules in dexter chief a lion passant gardant azure. Alan Cope, the author of one of the books listed above, was a Doctor of Civil Law and the book came from the library of the Court of the Arches, so the owner may well have been an ecclesiastical lawyer. Duff says that the stamp occurs on a book given to the Bodleian Library before 1605, but provides no further information about what the book is, or who gave it to the Bodleian.

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Say (Stamp 1) Title: Say (Stamp 1)
Arms: Quarterly in the first quarter a lion passant gardant a crescent for difference
Dimensions (height x width): 86mm x 73mm
Heraldic Charges: lion passant gardant, Heraldic Charges: quarterly