Shipwrights Company of London N/A

The Worshipful Company of Shipwrights, more familiarly known as the Shipwrights’ Company, ranks fifty-ninth in the City Livery Order of Precedence. Unlike other livery companies, the Shipwrights’ Company has never received a royal charter, instead, it is considered incorporated "by prescription". The Company maintains close links with the maritime industry, and supports maritime research and numerous charities.

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Shipwrights Company of London (Stamp 1) Title: Shipwrights Company of London (Stamp 1)
Arms: An ark the stern ending in a dragon’s head with three doors in the side of the ark and a step ladder on a chief a cross charged in the centre with a lion passant gardant
Crest: An ark as in the arms on top a dove holding a sprig of olive
Helmet: Esquire
Dimensions (height x width): 60mm x 62mm
Heraldic Charges: ark, Heraldic Charges: branch (olive), Heraldic Charges: chief, on a, Heraldic Charges: cross, Heraldic Charges: dove, Heraldic Charges: lion passant gardant