Toke, Nicholas (1799 -1866)

The Reverend. Nicholas Toke of Godinton in Kent was born 6 October 1799, the second but eldest surviving son of the Reverend William Toke of Godinton, and Sarah, daughter of the Reverend Francis Marius West. He married, 4 July 1834, Emma, daughter of John Leslie, Bishop of Elphin. He was a Justice of the Peace. He succeeded his father 2 May 1855. He died 10 April 1866, and was succeeded by his eldest son John Leslie Toke of Godinton.

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Toke, Nicholas (1799 - 1866) (Stamp 1) Title: Toke, Nicholas (1799 - 1866) (Stamp 1)
Crest: A griffin’s head erased per chevron argent and sable goutty counterchanged holding a sword in pale
Dimensions (height x width): 21mm x 18mm
Heraldic Charges: griffin's head, Heraldic Charges: sword
Toke, Nicholas (1799 - 1866) (Stamp 2) Title: Toke, Nicholas (1799 - 1866) (Stamp 2)
Crest: A fox courant regardant (Toke, crest of augmentation)
Dimensions (height x width):
Heraldic Charges: fox