Yule, J N/A

Arms with the motto as in the stamp were granted by Lord Lyon to Yule of Leyhouses in East Lothian on 9 June 1676, but no crest was registered. The crest was registered to John Yule of Darleith in Dumbartonshire 19 July 1676, with differenced arms and with the motto Numine et virtute. In Fairbairn's Crests (1860 edition) the representative of Yule of Darleith is Andrew Buchanan Yuill Esq. and he uses the crest and the motto Numine et virtute. A stalk of wheat bladed, with the motto Per vim et virtutem is stated to be Yule of Scotland, and An ear of wheat proper, leaved vert is said to be Yuille of London. In the registers of Glasgow University the name is usually spelt Yuill or Zuill. A John Yuill took his degree there in 1775. He was the son of a farmer.
There were two Thomas Fergusons who were Writers to the Signet, uncle and nephew both of Aberdeenshire. The first Thomas Ferguson lived 1768-1828; the second 1794-1831.

Stamp(s) Stamp Information
Yule, J (Stamp 1) Title: Yule, J (Stamp 1)
Crest: An ear of wheat
Motto: Per vim et virtutem
Dimensions (height x width): 25mm x 22mm
Monogram: I Y
Heraldic Charges: wheat, ear of