Clarke, Robert (1771 - 1824) (Stamp 1)

Clarke, Robert (1771 - 1824) (Stamp 1)
Quarterly 1 & 4. Argent on a bend gules between three roundels [ogresses] three swans (Clarke) 2 & 3. Gules a saltire surmounted of another vert (Andrews)
Crest: A swan its dexter foot resting on a roundel charged with an annulet
Dimensions (height x width): 70mm x 46mm
Escutcheon of Pretence: Gules on a bend argent three mullets (Shafto) in the first quarter an annulet for difference
Heraldic Charges: annuletbend, on abend, on a, betweenmullets (3)roundelroundels (3)saltireswanswans (3)