Unidentified Stamp

Unidentified Stamp
Per saltire four cinquefoils in fess point an annulet for difference
Motto: Cum Dei estis tvrris vestri minime estis i cort
Dimensions (height x width): 75mm x 75mm
Monogram: D F
Initial: D F
Heraldic Charges: cinquefoils (4)per saltire
The stamp has been attributed to David Ferguson, Minister of Dunfermline and to David Forrest, Master of the Scottish Mint and Edinburgh Antiquary. The motto is from I Corinthians Chapter 3. It is uncertain whether this is intended to be parted per saltire or whether it is intended to be a saltire between. There are some Scottish armorials of which the ground is parted per saltire, and many who bear a saltire, some between four roses. The family of Napier is one of the latter, but none have a surname that begins with an F