Lambton, John George, 1st Earl of Durham   (1792 - 1840) (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly of thirty 1 & 30. Sable a fess between three lambs passant argent (Lambton) 2. Argent a fess gules between three parrots [popinjay] (Lumley) 3. Gules six parrots three two and one (Lumley, ancient) 4. Gules a saltire argent (Gospatrick, Earl of Northumberland [Nevill?]) 5. Sable three standing cups (André) 6. A saltire vairy argent and sable (Morewic) 7. Argent a fess gules between three parrots (Tweng) 8. Azure a lion rampant ducally crowned (Darell) 9. Argent a lion rampant azure (Brus) 10. Gules two single arches in chief a double one in base (Arches) 11. Argent a...
Heraldic Charges: 
annuletantelope's headarchesbarry (6)bars (2)bend sinisterbend, on acanton, on acastlechevronchevron, on achief indentedchief, on acinquefoilcinquefoils (3)cinquefoils (9)cinquefoils (semy)coronet, ducal, out of acrosscrosses crosslet (3)cups (3)dolphineagle displayedescutcheonfess betweenfleurs-de-lys (3)France and Englandfrettyhead (woman's)lambs (3)lion passant gardantlion rampantlion rampant gardantlozengymullets (3)orlepallets (2)parrots (3)parrots (6)quatrefoils (3)quatrefoils (4)ram's headsaltire
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