per fess embattled

per fess embattled
Wilkinson, George Hutton (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly 1 & 4 azure a fess ermine between three unicorns trippant 2 & 3 azure on a fess argent three fleurs-de-lis between three cushions on an escutcheon of pretence per fess embattled azure and gules three suns Crest Out of a mural coronet a demi-unicorn ermine Helmet of an Esquire Motto NEC REGE NEC POPULO SED UTROQUE
Heraldic Charges: 
coronet, mural, out of acushions (3)fess betweenfess, on a, betweenfleurs-de-lys (3)per fess embattledsuns (3)unicorn, demi-unicorns (3)
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