hinds heads 3

hinds heads 3
Arms Quarterly of eight 1. Three bars gemelles overall a lion rampant (Fairfax) 2. A chevron between three hinds heads erased (Malbys) 3. Three bars on a canton a cross patoncy (Aton) 4. Per pale a cross counterchanged (Vescy) 5. Quarterly a bordure vair (FitzJohn) 6. A bend (Carthrop) 7. On a fess between three fleurs de lys as many bezants [roundels] (Thwaites) 8. On a bend three escallops (Bernard?) Impaling On an escutcheon of pretence Quarterly in the first quarter a mullet (Vere)
Heraldic Charges: 
bars (3)bars gemelles (3)bendbend, on abordurecanton, on achevron betweencrosscross patoncycrosses patty (2)escallops (3)fess, on a, betweenflaunches (2)fleurs-de-lys (3)hinds heads 3lion rampantmulletroundels (3)
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