lion salient

lion salient
Killigrew, William, Sir (1579 - 1622) (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly of eight 1. A double headed eagle displayed a bordure bezanty (Killigrew) 2. A chevron between three eagles displayed (Kentbury) 3. Three mascles (Arwennack) 4. On a chevron between three torteaux [roundels] as many bezants (Killigrew) 5. On a bend three eagles displayed (unidentified) 6. A lion salient (Petit) 7. A bend between six lozenges (Fitz Ives) 8. A bend a label of three points (Carminour) impaling A chevron between three elephants heads erased a chief (Saunders)
Heraldic Charges: 
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