toads (3)

toads (3)
Hungerford, Edward, Sir (1596 - 1648) (Stamp 1)
Arms Quarterly of nine 1. Two bars in chief three plates [roundels] (Hungerford) 2. Per pale indented a chevron (Heytesbury) 3. Barry of six ermine and [gules] (Hussey) 4. On a chevron three fleurs de lys (Peverel) 5. Two bars in chief three plates [roundels] (Hungerford) 6. Three toads erect (Botreaux) 7. Paly wavy of six (Molines) 8. A lion rampant crowned within a bordure (Burnell) 9. A saltire engrailed (Blount) impaling on an escutcheon of pretence Three helmets within a bordure (Holyday) Crest Out of a ducal coronet a garb between two sickles Helmet of an Esquire Motto ET DIEV MON...
Heraldic Charges: 
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