Tresham, Thomas (1543 - 1605) (Stamp 1)

Tresham, Thomas (1543 - 1605) (Stamp 1)
Quarterly of twenty five 1. Per saltire in chief three trefoils slipped two and one in base three trefoils slipped one and two (Tresham) 2. A chevron engrailed between three martlets (Pevensey) 3. A fret (Harrington) 4. Three lions passant gardant (Aigles?) 5. On a bend three lozenges each charged with a saltire (Urswick) 6. A lion rampant (Champneys) 7. A cross flory voided (Pilkington) 8. Two bars a bordure engrailed (Parr) 9. Three water bougets (Roos) 10. A saltire fretty (Crophull) 11. A fret (Verdon) 12. A fess (Colville) 13. A lion rampant (Bigot) 14. Five lozenges in bend (Marshall) 15. On a chief three crosses patty fitchy (De Clare) 16. Three garbs (MacMurrough) 17. illegible. Three chevrons interlaced and a chief (FitzHugh) 18. Barry of eight a fleur de lys (Staveley) 19. A bend between six crosses patty (Fourneaux [Furneaux]) 20. Barry of six on a bend three martlets (Grey) 21. Vair a fess (Marmion) 22. illegible. Barry of ten an eagle displayed (Gernegan) 23. Three chevrons a chief vair (St Quintin) 24. A lion rampant between three crescents (Salisbury) 25. A chevron between three raven's heads erased (unidentified)
Crest: A boar's head erased ducally gorged
Helmet: Esquire
Dimensions (height x width): 116mm x 83mm
Heraldic Charges: barry (10)barry (6)barry (8)bars (2)bendbend, on aboar's headbordure engrailedchevron engrailed betweenchevrons (3)chiefchief, on acrescents (3)cross florycrosses patty (3)crosses patty (6)eagle displayedfessfleur-de-lysfretgarbs (3)lion rampantlions passant gardant (3)lozenges (3)lozenges (5)martlets (3)per saltireravens (3)saltire frettytrefoils (6)vairwater bougets (3)